What We Believe

Our Values

We are a people who desire to live out values based on convictions from the bible and not just rules and regulations. The key values that define who we are and that we hold to dearly, are:

A Trinitarian people. A people who view and relate to God as three distinct persons i.e. Father, Son and Holy Spirit recognising that each one is fully God yet there is one God.

A people of the Word, who believe in the bible plus nothing and minus nothing.​

A people of Prayer, who value private and corporate prayer.​

A community where every believer is part of the priesthood i.e. the priesthood of all believers a people who live out deep, sincere, accountable and authentic covenantal relationships with each other.​

A people of worship, both private and publicly as a lifestyle. A people who live sacrificially and who willingly surrender all things to God.​

A people who acknowledge and submit to God ordained church leadership.​

A generous people with their time, treasures (money & possessions) and talents because we serve a generous God.​

An apostolic people who go into our community, country and the countries of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations.​

Our Beliefs

Fundamental doctrines that we as Northpoint hold: