DEEPER is a collection of teaching series aimed at instructing our people in theological study and practical equipping for life as followers of Christ. Deeper runs in the 1st and 3rd terms at NPCC on Wednesday nights.

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Watch our previous DEEPER sessions. Below is a link to see past Deeper sessions on our YouTube channel.

What we are covering in Term 3 2023

The Purple Book

An introductory course to the doctrines and beliefs laid out for us in the Bible. This will be helpful to anyone and we recommend all our people to go through this course! It will run in two parts of six weeks each. New people can jump in on Purple Book Part 1. If you have completed Part 1 then please do sign up for Part 2.

The Trinity

This is one of the deep truths about God and is worth delving into. Understanding what the Bible says about God enriches and empowers us for a deeper spiritual life. This will also be streamed online for those who can't attend in-person. These videos will appear on our YouTube channel (add link here) as they become available.

CareerBuild (Grade 9-10) Subject Choice

Grade 9 and 10 are given practical guidance regarding their subject choice decisions that will best suite them.

CareerBuild (Grade 11-12) Career Guidance

CareerBuild is a well established programme that is known for its helpful guidance for students regarding their future decisions based on their God given talents and passions.

CareerBuild needs coaches too. Follow the link to sign up to be a coach.