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In November 2014, we began a three-year chronological study of the Bible using the Gospel Project for Kids. This Christ-centred curriculum looks at the whole story, the story of redemption through Jesus, from Genesis to Revelation. Each week’s study builds upon the previous week, and we can’t wait to help boys and girls to discover the big picture of God’s story!

Though we are teaching the following stories on Sunday mornings, we want to inform and equip you as parents to raise your child: To Know Jesus, To Believe in Him and To Become Like Him. By providing the passages and the parenting resources below, we are hopeful you will be prepared to engage your child in discussion concerning the content of each lesson and to teach how the Bible story events fit into the big picture of God.

We encourage that you get the Gospel Project for Kids app on your devices from your respective app stores.

Currently Teaching

Gospel Project for Kids

Paul's Conversion and Ministry

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To Know - To Believe In - To Become Like Jesus

Starting January 2017, we began going through a series "Encounters with Jesus". In 2017 we focused on individual encounters that people experienced with Jesus and how He immediately changed their lives. We also had a look at the Pharisees and their encounters with Jesus and why they were so hostile.

2018 holds a whole year of the disciples and their encounters with Jesus. From their call to follow all the way to their deaths. We will focus on how they experienced Jesus, and how Jesus changed their lives. 2019 we will go into how Jesus is still being encountered after His resurrection. How Paul experienced Him on the road to Damascus and even now how we can expect Jesus Christ to encounter and change our lives today.

We pray that through this that the Holy Spirit will awaken the children's hearts to the fact that the man Jesus Christ is very real and very God. We don't want to tell the children Bible stories that they can know how to behave morally but we want to teach them the amazing Good News of salvation.

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